Robie Sayan Custom Tattoos & Hand Made Tattoo Machines
cover up in progresscover up in progresscover up in progressPolinesian sleeve in progresscover up in progresscover up in progressCover up in progresscover up for CharlieWork in progressWork in progressWork in progressIn progressMonica's Cover up in progress inner side of ankleMonica's Cover up in progressSusan's cover in progressSusan's coverJamies Aztek sleeve in progressCameron's Flower coverJohn's Family CrestErwin's Japanese Sleeve in progressErwin's Japanese Sleeve in progressSteve's ribcage PoemRosario's OhmRosario's OhmJ.A. Japanese letterJ.A. Japanese letterAmy K magnolias sleeve in progressAmy K magnolias sleeve in progressChelsea's PoemIN PROGRESS...IN PROGRESS...IN PROGRESS...DanIN PROGRESS...Ranger Dagger for Bob SchafferIN PROGRESS...TJ LupoJessie's TribalThe SistersFlower and Tribal TridentHeavenly StampHeavenly StampFamilyMatt Joyner Ruin Her Life ....Perseverance Chris Thomas TribalInuit Humminbirds
I am originally from Lima, Peru, but have lived in many countries and experienced a wide range of cultures in my travels.

My background is in design and photography and I employ the craftsmanship I learned in these fields to my tattooing and machine building.

I love Asian art and tattooing and authentic Polynesian inspired work, as well as traditional American art. I’m also a self taught machine builder, and enjoy the technical realm of tattooing as well.